Generating Jules Verne novels with Torch-RNN

Torch-RNN is a rewrite of Andrej Karpathy’s char-rnn. You train it on some text, and then it can generate ‘similar’ text. I loved reading Jules Verne novels, so being able to just crank out some new novels whenever I feel like it sounds like a great idea right?

The hardest part was setting the environment up.

The text preprocessor was written in Python 2, and you’d think “hey it’s just wrangling some text what requirements does it need”. And it pulled in Cython, which numpy requires. Compiling Cython is always a bitch. I hate wading through compile scripts that I didn’t write myself that break.

The NN model itself is written in Lua and needs something called LuaJIT, which sounds like a faster variant of a Lua interpreter. Whatever, not interested in learning the language. Setting that up required a lot of compiling too.

In the end I managed to get everything setup, and realized that I couldn’t run the neural network on my GPU because everybody only writes for CUDA (thanks guys) and I have a Radeon HD 6870 (note: OpenCL won’t work out of the box with the Radeon Crimson 16.x beta drivers, the last ones to be released for Barts. You need Catalyst 15.7.1 WHQL for proper OpenCL 1.2 support).

Anyway. I took From the Earth to the Moon, Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon (I wanna read that!), and. The Secret of the Island (I just found out that this was written by someone else, and only translated by Verne!) and put them all in one huge
text file.

Training the neural network took all of my CPU. Since I was running in the Bash shell for Windows 10 there was no way I could’ve gotten it to run on the GPU anyway.

After a day or two of training (and about 20K iterations) the virtual Jules Verne spat this out:

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Clearly it seems I should’ve just removed the Project Gutenberg prefaces from the training text.

Anyway it’s doing kinda well for a neural network that doesn’t understand English, and besides, doesn’t even understand the concepts behind the words.